Tokyo Monee Founder Kenneth Woods

Kenneth Woods Tokyo Monee Founder

For the longest time I have wanted to start a clothing company, but for various reasons and life situations it got sidetracked or delayed. I also do not have a lot of money or investors or other partners for additional resources. This endeavor starting off is basically like a one-man band. Similar to when Carl Karcher, a truck driver, who wanted to be in the restaurant business, borrowed money to buy a hotdog cart and started selling on the street. From there his hotdog cart business grew over time into the Carl’s Jr mega business it is today. This web site is my “hotdog” cart! This is my start! Luckily today I do not have to stand on a street corner but can have a web store to present my graphic designs to the public.

With that said a web site does not mean success and does not mean anyone will ever see it much less buy something from it. It takes time. It takes persistence. It takes patients. It takes a long-term focus and a commitment to building this business one customer at a time.

So welcome to our online store and hopefully we earn your business!

By the way, our contact page can be used to send us a message, but I would also like to give anyone who would like to contact me directly my email here.

Best wishes,

Kenneth Woods

Tokyo Monee


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